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Opportunity for Employers

The Opportunity for Employers to provide Financial Education to their Employees

Mike Lockwood is a member of the Association of Financial Educations, a nationwide non-profit, speaker’s bureau, comprised of financial professionals who have a passion for education and have one common goal: empowering individuals and communities with the knowledge they need to take control of their own financial well-being*. With this partnership, Mike Lockwood offers employers free, onsite financial education workshops, tailored to an employer’s staff, on a variety of financial topics to choose from.

Benefits of Financial Education Workshops

  • Help answer questions on financial topics that are tailored to your employees
  • Decrease stress related to financial worry and anxiety in your employees
  • Motivate staff by giving them the tools to make better financial decisions
  • Provide information about benefits that may increase participation (e.g. retirement accounts, beneficiary forms, life insurance etc)
  • Help reduce employee turnover by providing opportunities for financial well-being
  • Show your employees that you are invested in them by providing them with financial education in topics that they’re interested in

Employee Support Programs

In addition to educating your employees, we also offer custom programs tailored to your company’s needs and budget that provide employees with free or low-cost retirement planning, with the support of employers. Our program helps identify and quantify short-term and long-term goals with a focus on Financial Independence/Retirement Planning. We then collaborate with each Employee and Spouse to develop a “road map” to achieve these goals and ultimately gain confidence in their financial decision making.

Each executed Retirement Plan will help to:

  • Make informed financial decisions
  • Maximize the probability that clients will achieve goals
  • Obtain a sense of comfort knowing there is a financial plan in place
  • Provide an accountability partner to help implement the plan

* Source: Association of Financial Educators