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2017 Ted T. Santon Five Star Team Award

2017 Ted T. Santon Five Star Team Award is awarded to Lockwood Retirement Consulting

We are thrilled to announce that our team has been awarded the prestigious Ted T. Santon Five Star Team Award*. This award recognizes the team who best exemplifies Lincoln Financial Group’s World Class Standards and provides an exceptional five star experience for the clients they serve.

“Customer Service is not a department. It is an attitude. It is a culture. It is a collective way of seeing the world” (The How of Wow! By John Murphy). The Lockwood team believes in, and lives out this quote with our friends and our clients. Of course, there are only so many hours in a given day, so we rely on teamwork within our team, and with our extended customer service group to achieve Five Star Service. Together, we rely on each other to follow established processes & procedures with a “treat people as you’d like to be treated” respectfulness and courtesy, to follow through and complete action items accurately and in a timely manner.

Our team shares with others and continuously learns from others, inside and outside our business. Even after 30 years of financial planning, Mike and team never believe we “have it all right”. We continually strive to improve our internal processes, improve our client experience, research and learn about better options for our clients, put new and innovative tools to use, so that our business becomes more proactive and more robust each and every year.

We are a client-centric team, from simple service requests to complicated fee planning, and we’re proud of it. Our efforts to grow our practice are always tempered by our intense regard for what is best for the clients we serve. We’re grateful to our wonderful clients who place their trust in us and allow us to be their partners. We will continue to “Serve First, Last, and Always”.

*The Ted T. Santon 5 Star Team Award recognizes one team annually within the Financial Professionals Group that exemplifies Lincoln Financial Group's World Class Standards and provides an exceptional five-star experience to the clients they serve. Teams are reviewed by a panel of leadership judges and are evaluated on five critical components; their team (leadership, management and culture), their client experience (planning and service), overall business management and growth, marketing and advocacy, and succession contingency plans. The Ted T. Santon, 5 Star Award is a Financial Professionals Group / Lincoln Financial Network specific award. Award winners are provided an all-inclusive weekend getaway at a five-star resort. No applicant paid a fee in exchange for this recognition.


As the winning team, we enjoyed a fantastic weekend at Ritz Carlton in Dana Point, hosted by Lincoln Financial Group.


Beautiful sunset and private dinner with our teammates and spouses.


So proud to be the recipient of the Ted T. Santon Five Star Team Award.